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Web Design Principles

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web-designIt is important to first note that web design is not a matter of just composing content and posting it to the respective site. There is more to web designing than you can contemplate. For you to come up with a very attractive and more so productive website, you will have to follow a couple of principles. You must refrain from placing your focus on content creation only but the interface and appearance of the website as well.

You should note that a great number of websites are being established by the day. This is with regard to the ever growing online businesses and transaction. However, out of the many websites created each day, not all flourish. One of the core recipes behind failure of websites is inappropriate and unpleasant designing.

Here are some of the principles to follow when designing a website:

Have A Preliminary Plan
Before you even start designing your website, it is recommended that you lay down a sketchy plan on a paper. You can come up with a 'factor tree’ which will help you lay down all pages that you are planning to incorporate in your website. A hierarchy will work equally well in helping you establish the kind of pages you will have.

Keep Important Information Open
It is important to note that people will be visiting your website for the purpose of getting important and helpful information. In this regard, there will be no justified reason why you should hide important information from your audience.

To ensure that every surfer who accesses your site gets best information, you should place page icons in a position that they can see. The interface of your website should also allow visitors to have a clear view of the icons.

You can also use links to help people reach out for important information. The links can be incorporated in the content such that the reader will not afford to snub them.

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